Ash Wood



The ladder is an essential household item, but it is often rarely needed. The concept deals with the ladder‘s state of non-use, as well as its storage space referring to small apartments and households in general. The combination of several functions in one space-saving household furniture, as well as the use of wood as a warm natural material, aims to make the ladder an integral part of the furniture.


COM is a multifunctional household ladder that can be used, besides the function of a ladder, as a bar stool or a coat rack. The ladder is designed for use within the home and posesses a folding mechanism as well as a wall mount.





Wall Hook

Steel Rod



The Frame Hook was born from the direct inspiration of a screw hook as a simple and quick solution of hanging clothes or objects.

The idea of magnification and formal reinterpretation of the conventional wall hook forms the concept of the product. The hooks will be fixed with a standardized brass dowel in the wall and can be arranged freely. Different versions of the hook allow multiple possibilities for suspension and work both horizontally and vertically.





Portable LED Light

PP, Polycarbonate Shield, Acryilic Screen



For different lighting purposes, do we need entirely different products? Or is it possible to design something easily adaptable to different purposes and circumstances, serving both as an interior light as well as a hand-held spotlight?

Flare Gun is a project concerned with the versatility of simple consumer products. The concept of this lamp is based on it‘s minimal structure as well as it‘s simple producibility. The set comprises a multi-purpose lamp, a translucent acrylic screen, a polycarbonate shield, and two interchangeable battery covers. One of the battery covers provides the suspension mechanism. In combining these modules, it suits a range of applications: from suspended interior or exterior lighting to powerful mobile lighting for hand-held use or in an emergency situation. Thanks to it's two high-performance lithium batteries, the light rarely needs to be charged.




Disposable Kebab Packaging

Molded Pulp


The kebab is an integral part of the German fast food culture. Unlike e.g. a cheeseburger at McDonalds, the kebab is always wrapped in aluminum foil, usually even for immediate consumption in the bistro. The minute duration usage is way out of proportion to the high consumption of resources and energy that is spent on manufacturing aluminum foil.

The idea was to rethink the traditional way of wasteful use of materials. This project deals with the avoidance of aluminum and plastic foil as packaging material for the kebab. It was about to find a material that fulfills the requirements of an ecological, cheap and not harmful to one‘s health packaging.

The DÖ kebab packaging is a disposable packaging for eating Döner kebab. It consists of eco-friendly and recyclable pulp, based on fiber moldings.





Flat Pack Chair

Pine Wood



The Fleks Chair deals with the flexibility of wood and the application to the backrest of a chair. This flexibility results on the one hand by the connection of back and chair construction through elastic ropes, which makes it possible to lean back. On the other hand, incisions in the backrest go to shape a person's back while leaning and by that enhance a comfortable sitting.

The chair is made of pinewood, because it's a pliant but robust wood and ideally provides the flexibility of the backrest. The Framework is designed to be flattened for transport and storage. The concept provides for leaving the chair untreated so that it can be individually customized by its owner.

The idea of the concept was born while testing raw seating mock ups and was developed in a series of 5 prototypes until the final design.



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